The International Lighting Exhibition of Chinese Ancient Towns grandly opens on March 18th.

The International Lighting Exhibition of Chinese Ancient Towns will open on March 18th. As the main sub-venue of the lighting expo, the Spring Carnival organized by the Starlight Alliance officially launched on the 10th and will continue until March 31st, lasting for 21 days. During this Spring Carnival, a series of lighting culture courses will be held, combining home furnishings exhibitions and lighting procurement promotions. The relevant person in charge of the Starlight Alliance expressed the hope that through this attempt, they can explore the transformation path of the ancient town lighting industry from the form of Industry 4.0 to high-value-added methods such as creative design, lighting culture, and industrial tourism.

In addition to emphasizing the theme exhibition of originality and design, the carnival also incorporates elements such as floral art, English, wine culture, and coffee culture. On the basement floor, there are various offline experiential courses, including business English for the lighting industry, ceramic desk lamp manufacturing experience, Korean floral art experience, and diverse lighting classes. The relevant person in charge of the Starlight Alliance expressed the hope that through the lighting culture courses, visitors and shoppers can gain a deeper understanding of the ancient town lighting culture while participating in the activities. By integrating elements such as exhibition viewing, tourism, and shopping, various activities such as shopping promotions and lucky draws will be held on the basis of the theme exhibition, aiming to stimulate the shopping enthusiasm of buyers and tourists.

On the morning of the 11th, at the carnival site of the Starlight Alliance, the author discovered an “indoor garden.” This exhibition emphasizes “originality + design” and takes the theme of “The Wizard of Oz.” The exhibition is divided into two main areas: “Enjoying Spaces” and “Quality Living,” with a total of 17 different styled booths. The “Enjoying Spaces” area is positioned as high-end private customization, integrating floral art, luxury lighting, and soft furnishing design to create two distinct styles of indoor courtyards. The “Quality Living” area showcases seasonal new products for home decoration, advocating a modern lifestyle that is green, healthy, environmentally friendly, and technology-driven.

In 2016, the Starlight Alliance was awarded the “National AAA-level Tourist Attraction” and serves as the main sub-venue for the Ancient Town Lighting Exhibition. During the Light Culture Festival last year, it welcomed approximately 30,000 visitors per day. “The lighting industry is not just about selling lighting products, but also selling culture. While organizing the procurement carnival, the Starlight Alliance pays more attention to the shopping experience of buyers. By integrating elements such as interior design, art and culture, and tourism resources, we aim to present a unique shopping experience for global lighting buyers,” said the representative of the Starlight Alliance.

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